Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Easy Fast Method

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Easy Fast Method. This vampire survivors guide will teach you everything you need to find a stone mask so you can complete the achievement and add the stone mask to your loot rotation. This will lower the cooldown for the magic wand so you can take out more enemies.

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As you travel to the right search on the tables, shelves, or open top spaces. Finding a stone mask can be fairly difficult if you don't know where to look but first you'll need to unlock the game's second stage, the inlaid library. How to unlock the vampire survivors stone mask in 3 steps.

This Is The Second Stage Of The Game, And You Can Access It After Reaching Level 20 In The Mad Forest.

The stone mask has a passive buff that grants players a 10% greed bonus per level. Stone mask is required for the evolution of gatti amari, vicious hunger. At max level, stone mask provides +50%.

Eventually You Will Find The Stone Mask.

To get the stone mask you need to have access the second stage in the game called inlaid library. If you aren't making sure to stick to the top of the screen you likely walked right by it without noticing. Search for the stone mask in the inlaid library.

Once You Have Access To This Stage Start A Run On It.

The stone mask is one of many passive items in vampire survivors for you to unlock. The first step toward achieving that. Finding and opening the coffin in the dairy plant.

There Are Many Items To Unlock In Vampire Survivors.

The stone mask in particular gives a 10% greed bonus per level, increasing the amount of. Stone mask increases greed by 10% per level. You just keep heading to the right, and towards the top of the screen in one of the little magic circles on the floor the mask will eventually spawn.

Eventually, You Should Come Across The Item On The Floor In A Small Alcove.

To unlock the vampire survivors stone mask, you first need to unlock the inlaid library. I chose the fire wand because him and the lightning ring character look like vampires, and the stone mask is a jojo reference to vampires. This can be done with any character, but i have a suggestion that can speed up the process.

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