Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle

Skyrim Kolbjorn Barrow Puzzle. While doing the quest invovled with this place i encoutnered a glitch. I need help with the staircase that goes down in kolbjorn barrow.

Kolbjorn Barrow Floor Puzzle nandacheetah from

Defeat ahizdal and the draugrs to get ahizdal's mask. I did the puzzle correctly, i got the armor but the staircase on the floor won't open. Find a way deeper into the barrow, and then speak to ralis again.

Kolbjorn Barrow Has A Room With Pressure Plates In It, Additionally, There Is A Room Locked By A Gate That I Believe Can Only Be Opened By Stepping On The Plates In Order.

I have tried slow time but that dont work so if anyone know how to open this dang gate i would appreciate it. Babysister ยท 3/28/2013 in skyrim kolbjorn barrow floor puzzle this is one of the most frustrating puzzles ever. Gamergirl9311 9 years ago #2.

You Will Complete This Puzzle If You Can Light Up All The Stone Slabs At The Same Time.

Defeat ahizdal and the draugrs to get ahizdal's mask. How to solve the pillar puzzles in kolbjorn barrow, during the 'unearthed' quest! There is a barred room with water on the floor i cant get into and im sure its the puzzle that allows access.

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Gamergirl9311 9 years ago #2. Go into sneak mode & fast roll through all the stone slabs. Operencia the stolen sun deva fortress floor puzzle xbox [irp]

This Action Allows The Object To Be Turned And Spun In Any Direction, Granting A Better Aspect Of Its Details.

Enter the kolbjorn barrow and turn right to find a chest with an easy lock. I did it once before and just ran all over the pressure plates and the gate opened but this time even with serana i cant do it. Once you reach kolbjorn barrow, you will come across traces of a battle.

The Floor Puzzle Is Really Frustrating, So Here You Have A Videoguide From The Youtuber Kristie Lee To See How To Complete It In Less Than A Minute:

I did the wall puzzle but there's an invisible wall before the 3rd gate that i can't get through. Carved on the claw are three animals: I've tried to reload the game, i've turned the game off and on again, i've tried to switch the lever back and forth but the staircase door isn't opening.

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