Meridian 157 Walkthrough Prologue Chapter 1 2

Meridian 157 Walkthrough Prologue Chapter 1 2. Chapter 1 continues the story we started prologue. We are currently working on an adventure puzzle game series called meridian 157.

Meridian 157_ prologue Walkthrough Part 1 YouTube from

Prologue is a point and click puzzle game focused on engaging puzzles, immersive visuals and an exciting storyline. Chapter 1 has been officially released. this game, you find yourself trapped inside a facility on a remote island, and must explore your surroundings to uncover more of the mystery.

In Both A Figurative And Literal Sense, Detective David Zander Has Hit Rock Bottom.

See more of my walkthrough. There are many items and clues to find and puzzles to solve. The next episode of the meridian 157 series is now available on ios and android!

It Is The First Part Of The Meridian 157 Series, Where You Play As Detective.

Go back and then go through the door to exit the trailer. You play as david zander, who was stuck in an elevator when we last saw him. Solve all puzzles and chapters with our help, reviews, and guides solve all the puzzles you'll find in the prologue of meridian 157.

Prologue For Android To Meridian 157:

We are currently working on an adventure puzzle game series called meridian 157. Meridian 157 is an amazing game foe gamers who love puzzles. Meridian 157 is a point and click on puzzler journey sequence involving interactive puzzles and an intriguing storyline taking place over a long sequence of chapters.

Trapped Deep Underground On A Lost And Forgotten Island, David’s Priority Shifts From Finding Answers About The Mystery Surrounding Him, To Surviving The Crisis He Now Finds Himself Trapped In.

Ios / android gameplay (novasoft interactive) video. You travel to a remote island south of alaska to investigate a mysterious weather signal. Solve puzzles while you work your way to uncover the mystery behind the 157th meridian!

Chapter 1 Persian Nights 2:

Now, you might get stuck in the game. It is the first part of the meridian 157 series, where you play as. It’s now up to you to find an escape.

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