How To Evolve Santa Water In Vampire Survivors

How To Evolve Santa Water In Vampire Survivors. La borra's pools of holy water slowly creep towards the player and spawn at six set. Wait for the update to arrive in witch the evolution will be available.

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Attract orb + santa water. How to evolve santa water into la borra in vampire survivors. The last thing you will need to do is to kill a boss and open the treasure chest.

La Borra Is A Weapon In Vampire Survivors.

At first it lasts something like two seconds, but the duration can be upgraded 80% with the various weapon upgrades. Select the whip weapon when leveling up (or choose antonio since the whip is his starter weapon) upgrade the whip to level 8. Axe evolve > axe + candlabrador = death spiral.

Santa Water Upgrade > Attractorb + Santa Water = La Borra.

Here are all of the vampire survivors weapon evolution combos: And if you want to win a run, you’ll need to know the right combos for powerful builds. Vampire survivors evolution chart below is our weapon evolution and upgrade chart, updated for patch 0.7.35.

Continue Reading Our Guide For How To Evolve And Every Evolution Available.

If you do it you will obtain la borra which works like santa water. Santa water drops a bunch of little flasks full of holy water that damages the enemies over a short duration. Santa water needs the attractorb passive to evolve.

If You Prefer Weapons That Deal Damage In An Area Around Your Character, Then Candelabrador Might Be The Upgrade Item That Your Build Needs.

Some weapons additionally evolve into stronger weapons if the required accent is within the stock. Cross upgrade > cross + clover = heaven sword. When evolved, it becomes la.

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Magic wand evolve > magic wand + empty tome = holy wand. How to evolve santa water into la borra in vampire survivors. Santa water's evolution, la borra,.

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