Eco Admin Commands

Eco Admin Commands. Added a configurable permissions system to the mod. 1.1 choosing the correct id.

Admin In ECO Global Survival Nitradopedia EN from

/give [itemname], (amount) give yourself an item. The admin config list, blacklist, and whitelist all use player ids. Updated for eco beta

Privately Message Another Player Anywhere On The Network.

Select the file by clicking the box to the left of it's name, and then click on the edit button at the top edge of the file manager. Updated for eco beta Connect to ecocitycrafts' vanilla minerun server.

Locate And Enter The Configuration File.

This is just a collection of the commands that i have been asked or inspired to write for others. The admin commands are a bit confusing to me so any help on actually navigating and finding the correct syntax would be greatly appreciated! Will not give the player anything that they couldn't hold normally.

Commands In ( ) Are An Accepted Shortened Version Of Full Command.

74 rows admin chat commands. Send an announcement to all the users in the server, it appears in their notifications bar so they will get it. Near the bottom of the document, locate the admins area.

Updated For Eco Beta

Connect to ecocitycrafts' skyblock server. 1.2 adding the id to the player list. Moved the permissions system to its own mod (groupmanager).

I Am Trying To Set The Server Spawn And I Believe This Should Be The Correct Command /Manage Setspawn.

Assigns a given user to a given title, assigning to yourself if none is specified. /give lumber [br /]/give lumber,10. To setup a player with admin access for eco, you will first need ftp access and a text editor.

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