Crossy Road Characters Secret Unlock

Crossy Road Characters Secret Unlock. We’ve got a complete cheat list of the new mystery and daily mission characters and how to get them. Complete the toy story 1 set.

How to Unlock Secret Crossy Road Characters (with Pictures) from

Play as dog and eat 15 bowls of dog food.; Unlock froggy the frog by crossing the river. Text tweaks and link repair.

The Following Characters Can Be Unlocked In Crossy Road By Performing Certain Tasks.

This tutorial shows you how to unlock all secret crossy road characters! Unlock the phantom by getting a high score. #4 beauty and the beast update.

Collect A Total Of 50 Hamburgers As Rocky (You Can Do It In Multiple Games).

Utilize the character mallard and opt for an 85% score or more significant to your recent high score. There’s a boatload of characters to unlock, some require more than just random luck to. Crossy road™ is the #1 viral smash hit you’ll never stop playing.

Andy Sum Is One Of The Developers Of Crossy Road.

#6 the lion king update. Play as buzz lightyear and hop until you find the baby bottle. This is when you unlock andy sum.

There Are Many Other Secret Characters That Can Be Unlocked In Crossy Road.

To get the secret characters of crossy road you are probably going to need a little help, as some are complicated. We’ve got a complete list of new mystery and daily mission characters and how to get them here. To get this hidden character, you will have to play as mallard and score at least 85% of your own high score.

#5 The Nightmare Before Christmas Update.

Unlock hipster whale by getting 100 coins. Play as cat and eat 9 yellow fish (grass); Play as the mallard and score 85 percent or greater than your current high score.

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