Adopt Me Neon Mega Neon Pets Guide

Adopt Me Neon Mega Neon Pets Guide. Mega neons are special versions of pets in adopt me! Here is what you have to do for it:

All Mega Neon Pets In Adopt Me Pet Spares from

Neon pets are a great addition. The inspiration to spread kindness came from. 337 sold 337 sold 337 sold.

Help Them Reach Luminous, The Equivalent Of Full Grown For Neon Creatures.

$15.00 sold out sold out. Get four neon pet rocks or neon mechapups and grow them completely. Mud balls are purchased for 199 robux from the desert shop or adopt me robux shop during the update.

They Will Fuse And You Will Get The Mega Neon Pet.

We find the most legendary pets and items and then give them away to good people without asking for anything in return. Fully grow four neon pets of the same type. These require four fully grown neons.

In Any Given Day We Give Away Neon Pets, Legenday Pets, And Hundreds Of Legenday Eggs.

Every pet in adopt me has neon and mega neon versions, except the chick, pet rock, pumpkin, scoob, and 2d kitty pets. If you want a mega neon, you’ll need four of the same neon pets. Mega neon full grown = 1120 tasks;

However, You Might Find That It Is Worth The Investment If You Are Looking For Something

Here are the six stages they have to go through; In order to get the mega neon variants, you will merge 4 neon pets of the mega neon pet that you want. $36.00 sold out sold out.

Prior To The Mega Neons Update, The Abilities Of The Neon Pets Were Classified In Alphabetical Order.

The mega neon pets update was released on april 17, 2020. That were released on april 17, 2020. Neon pets were part of an update and were not part of adopt me!

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