William H. Pouch Scout Camp

Pouch Camp

Pouch Camp

Pouch Camp

Our Camps

Berlin Lodge

Berlin Lodge has a lot to offer in the way of meeting facilities. The building has two floors available for rent. The top floor is perfect for Courts of Honor, Blue and Gold’s, OA events, Training Seminars and Council activities. The bottom floor is perfect for smaller conferences and breakout rooms for training sessions. Please note that this facility is not available for overnight accommodations.


Camp-O-Ree Field

Smack in the middle of our beautiful camp is a our Camp-o-ree field. It is 16 acres and can hold over 1000 people. It has it’s own parking lot, Flushable toilets and a shower house. It is also located near a few of our activity area’s. Ham radio, Archery, Nature, Field Sports, Indian village and the Amphitheatre are all within close walking distance. This field is perfect for Troop, District and Council events. We also hold our annual Flag retirement ceremony during the summer on the field.



Located to the left of Berlin Lodge is the Camp Chapel. It is perfect for all faith worship services. It seats up to 80 people. The view overlooks beautiful Lake Ohrbach.)


Picnic Groves

Throughout the camp we have four picnic groves to suit all of your group’s needs. Parsons seats 80, Mills seats 100, Wright seats 80 and Goldman seats 120. The all come with picnic tables and BBQ grills. They are perfect for a unit outing and fellowship.)